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UP! Magazine - March 2018, Vol 1, Issue 2

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SPOTLIGHT: 2018 Predictions—Get Ready to Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

PODCAST OF THE MONTH: Christine Lee: Offline Meets Online, Old School Meets New School


QUICK HINTS: Weekly Tips to Build Agent Profitability






In this month’s economic update, Leslie Appleton-Young (Vice President and Chief Economist, California Association of Realtors) and Bernice Ross discuss how the new tax bill will impact the real estate business, the latest news on interest rate increases, plus whether or not the inventory draught has peaked.





Podcast of the Month

Christine Lee: Online Meets Offline, Old School Meets New School

Christine Lee of has been an agent, a very successful team leader, and has built a sensational application that lets you conduct your business from one platform. This tool is amazing because it notifies you of incoming hot leads every four hours and it also makes sure that your past clients are getting the correct communications from you so you will never lose “a forever” client again. Here’s what she will be covering. 

  • New school strategies are about technology, but the bottom line is there is one old school call to action that gets double the results of anything you can do—use this call to action on every communication, flyer, or any other chance you get. 
  • Why you need multiple phone numbers for different types of advertising and how to use them. 
  • How to put circle prospecting to work on your next listing. 
  • How to create a bullet proof past client follow up system where you’ll never lose a forever client for failing to stay in touch. 
  •  Why the oldies but goodies provide the foundation upon which all your tech solutions should be built.

Centriq: A Must-Have App

We are pleased to welcome James Sheppard, the CEO and co-founder of Centriq ( The Centriq app is available on both Android and IOS. Centriq provides homeowners one place to turn for fixing, maintaining, and using their home. This app is free and is something you can use on your listing appointments to distinguish your services from the competition. You also have the option of private labeling it for $5.00 per year, per listing. The app typically produces 15-40 impressions per year as homeowner responds to the app’s recommendations and other communications. James joins us today to explain how you can stand out from competitors by delivering real value. Here’s what he will be covering.

  • Value is what separates top producers from the rest—a simple way for you to stand out.
  • How to locate all those missing product user manuals in almost any home.
  • There are over 50 million product recalls—discover if the house you’re listing, your clients are buying, or even if your own home has a defective product or appliance that has been recalled.
  • Why millennials need a guide to homeownership and how Centriq fits that need.
  • Does your listing have an unusual feature such as a well? A simple strategy for helping buyers to not become intimidated. Confident buyers make cleaner offers.

Overcoming Objections

“I want you to cut your commission”

Coaching Podcast 

"4 Strategies to reduce your stress"