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UP! Magazine - December 2019, Vol 2, Issue 12

Contents include...

Seven Tips for Having a Great Holiday Season
by Bernice Ross, Editor-in-Chief


How to Increase Your Emotional Resilience
with Kim Ades


Beat Your Fear and Become Rejection Proof
Riding the Inspection Roller Coaster
Make Way for Better Opportunities in 2020
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QUICK HINTS: Weekly Tips to Build Agent Profitability


Podcast of the Month

Kim Ades: How to Increase Your Emotional Resilience

This month we are pleased to welcome Kim Ades, the founder and President of Frame of Mind Coaching. Kim joins us with a lively session called, “How to Increase Your Emotional Resilience.” Here’s what she will be covering:

  • How to stop struggling and bounce back into action by integrating your thinking and your belief systems.
  • How changing your story can change your life and your business.
  • Accountability coaching—unethical at best and extremely detrimental at worst?
  • The reason accountability coaching creates dependency and may actually harm long-term results.
  • The secret to success—know your big “why.”

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Joeann Fossland: How to Have a Life You Love and a Business that Rocks

This week month we are delighted to welcome back fellow coach, trainer, and speaker, Joeann Fossland. In addition to her monthly column every month in UP!, Joeann joins us this month with a great podcast called, How to Have a Life You Love and a Business that Rocks. More than anyone else I know, Joeann has mastered how to have a great life and still make more money in her business while actually working less. Here are just a few of the topics that she will be covering: 

  • Stop focusing on how to find time and focus on why you find time—when you focus on the why, finding the time becomes easy.
  • Working harder to succeed is a myth: working too hard results in burnout and less production.
  • How to create a “be, have, and do list” to have a better life.
  • Concrete steps to take to take to create the life you love, work less, and make more. 

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Five Ways to Feel Better and Be Healthier in 2020

Would you like some simple ways to be healthier and happier in 2020? To achieve top performance, you must take good care of your body while also focusing on creating a positive mindset. 

Almost everyone makes some sort of New Year’s Resolution about being healthier in the New Year. It may be going on a diet, vowing to exercise more, or taking more time off. If you want to feel better and have more fun doing it, here are five tips for a healthier 2020. 

  1. Put a Spring in Your Step

There is a growing body of research showing that the slower you walk or move, the more likely you are to have health problems. Research from Sara Snodgrass of Florida Atlantic University illustrates how your stride can influence how happy you feel. 

Specifically, people who take long strides and swing their arms back and forth as they walk are perceived as being happier than shufflers who take small steps and have drooping shoulders. In fact, walking with long strides, swinging your arms, and holding your head up for as little as three minutes can make you feel happy.  

  1. Track your steps every day

Most phones today monitor your steps, how far you walk, the number of stair climbed, and some even calculate how many calories you burn. In fact, the newer iPhones already have this feature programmed into them. You could also use a Fitbit. Here’s how one of our clients described his experience;                            

I had the notion of exercise wired as having to spend on a treadmill or exercise machine. What I didn’t realize was how much activity I crank each day that I didn’t call exercise.  When I looked at my daily tracking on Fitbit, it came as a real surprise to see how much I actually was accomplishing. Better yet, all the guilt about not exercising is gone. Fitbit not only motivates me to get moving; it shows me how I am succeeding. 

To really improve your results, try standing rather than sitting while you work. Not only will take more steps, you should feel more alert as well. 

  1. Two Exercise Myths Exposed

While we’re on the topic of exercise, here are two myths about exercise that research has debunked. (  

The first myth has to do with stretching before you work out. While stretching will increase flexibility, the authors of a study reviewing 104 stories on the topic concluded, “The use of SS (static stretching) as the sole activity during warm-up routine(s) should be avoided.” 

The second myth comes from Jane Fonda—“No pain, no gain.” The research shows that it is the cumulative of exercise that results in the greatest health benefit—not whether you experience pain. In fact, pain is a warning signal that you are causing damage to your body. 

  1. Appreciate the Little Things

As a Realtor, it’s sometimes tough to maintain a positive attitude. Clients become upset, transactions fall apart, and you regularly encounter negative people and situations. 

To cope with the negativity she was seeing in the clients she coaches, Celes Chua issued her readers a 14-Day Gratitude Challenge back in 2013 that is just as effective today as it was back then. In addition to the daily tasks (, she asked her 200 participants to identify at least three things for which they are grateful. The result? 

Participants emerged from the challenge more appreciative and positive about life, even though their lives have technically not changed much compared to before the challenge. 

  1. Regularly Have Dinner with Loved Ones and Laugh 100 Times per Day

Paul Pearsall has done extensive work with people who have severe heart disease as well as those who receive heart transplants ( His research has revealed two key factors that can keep you healthy, happy, and heart disease free. The first factor is having dinner with loved ones at least three times per week. 

The second factor is laughing a 100 times per day. In fact, Pearsall believes that, 

“It is healthier to sit on the curb and laugh than it is to jog five miles per day.” 

His reasoning? Laughter releases beta-endorphins that make you feel better and strengthen your immune system. In contrast, running increases Cortisol (“stress” hormone) levels. When Cortisol is combined with the stresses of today’s hectic lifestyle, it can have detrimental effects: 

Chronically elevated Cortisol levels have been linked to problems including abdominal fat gain, cognitive decline, and compromised immune function . 

If you want to have a happier and healthier 2020, put a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and be grateful for the great year that is about to begin.