Online Brokerage Training 


Recruit the Successful Real Estate Pros of Tomorrow 

Our Online Training is the first comprehensive real estate broker training ever created for women, by women (although it works equally well for men!)



New Agent Sales Training 


Online Training for New Agents

Put your agents on their personal path to real estate sales success!

'Waging War on Real Estate's Discounters' Book  


Bestselling paperback book by Bernice L. Ross. Over 300 pages of techniques to defeat foes and convert clients into raving fans. 17 Agent interviews reveal top strategies from multi-million dollar producers. 82 scripts that allow you to easily overcome your clients’ commission objections.



The PQ Factor: Stop Resisting and Start Persisting 


If you’re ready to raise your Persistence Quotient (PQ) and to overcome the obstacles that block your success, The PQ Factor will show you how. Packed with scientific research and practical tips you can begin using today, The PQ Factor guides you through the process of creating your unique roadmap for achieving the goals that matter most to you.