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Do you know the secrets of stellar real estate sales production? It comes down to three things:


  • A learning mindset—top producers are always in learning mode.
  • Regular contact with your database, especially by giving back to your community.
  • Staying a step ahead of your competitors with new tools, systems, and strategies.


All you have to do is to be six months ahead of the competition
and you will dominate the market.
~ Jon Douglas


He should know. The 4,000 agent company he founded had 50-70 percent market share in the prestigious Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and Santa Monica markets as well as the top production per agent in the United States.

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 Preview: Real Estate Coach Radio  

 This week we are pleased to welcome Gene Volpe, the Digital Architect from GVI Media. Gene joins us this week with one of most useful ways I’ve ever heard to build your brand and your business. It’s called “The Best Of.” Here’s what Gene will be covering:


  • A step-by-step approach to becoming the “Digital Mayor” of your market niche.
  • How to engage the 99 percent of your sphere, contacts, and past clients who are not ready to purchase at this time.
  • Why niche marketing is imperative for success in today’s highly competitive online environment.
  • How to jointly promote your business with other businesses that’s a proven win-win.
  • How to implement the “best of” approach to your business.

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