List and Sell Real Estate Like Crazy

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Session 1: Business Fundamentals

What does it take to succeed in the real estate business? Here’s what you will learn in Session 1:

  • The six fundamental real estate sales strategies you need to List Real Estate Like Crazy.
  • How to put the Laws of Attraction to work in your business to attract more high-quality clients.
  • How effective your current listing presentation is as compared to the top listing agents in the country.

Session 2: Working with Buyers—the Basics of Success

Do you want to know what buyers will really buy? Do you want to make sure they stay loyal to you? If so, Session 2 shows you how. This is what you will learn:

  • How to discover what is motivating your buyers to purchase.
  • How to ask powerful questions that will help you close buyers more easily.
  • The steps required to create a print and/or digital “Buyer’s Book.”
  • How and why creating a “Buyer Service Pledge” will give you a major edge against the competition.

Session 3: The Buyer Interview in Depth

The Buyer Interview is the most powerful way to help buyers find the property that will be the best possible fit for them and keep them loyal to you. This session covers:

  • How to conduct a Buyer Interview that builds connection and lets you close after every showing.
  • How to use the Buyer's Service Pledge to close the buyer on working with you exclusively.

Session 4: Set the Stage for a Successful Showing

Session 4 takes you through how to get the buyer to work with you exclusively, how to conduct showings that allow you to close after every property you close, and how to recognize important buying signs. You will also learn how to:

  • Persuade buyers to work with you exclusively.
  • Conduct effective buyer showings that lay the groundwork to write an offer.
  • Recognize buying signs.
  • Implement proven buyer closing strategies.

Session 5: Negotiation Basics and Overcoming Objections

Did you know that objections are buying signs? If you’re ready to master the art of overcoming objections, Session 5 shows you how to do it. In this session you will learn how to:

  • Conduct effective buyer showings that lay the groundwork to write an offer.
  • Interpret body language and recognizing buying signs.
  • Implement proven buyer closing strategies.
  • Easily overcome buyer objections using alternative-choice-close, agree-counter-close, and turn-up-the-pain closes.

Session 6: Offer Negotiation—Bringing the Buyer and Seller Together

Face-to-face offer presentations are back on Zoom and Skype. Unless you've been in the business for over 20 years, chances are you're not very skilled in this area. This session walks you through exactly what to do and what to say when you are sitting in front of the listing agent and the sellers face-to-face digitally! Here’s what you will learn:

  • Negotiation strategies to “Create a Great Deal.”
  • How to use the Offer Checklist to cover all important negotiation items.
  • How to conduct effective face-to-face/digital offer presentations.

Session 7: How to “Wow” the Sellers on Your Next Listing Appointment

Listing presentations are no longer in vogue--it's about having a listening conversation instead, often in a digital environment. This session shows you how to build both a print and digital Pre-list package, how to create a Unique Value Proposition that will make you stand out from competing agents, as well as how to stage properties, not only physically, but digitally. Here's what else is covered:

  • What it takes to create a winning mindset.
  • How to construct both a digital and print version of your Pre-Listing Package.
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition and turn more listing leads into signed listings.
  • Strategies for effectively staging your listings.

Session 8: Listing Appointment Day: The Eight Key Listing Questions

Using powerful closing questions rather than do a listing presentation is infinitely easier for you. Asking questions puts you in control and the sellers truly appreciate being heard. These eight questions have worked for tens of thousands of agents over the last three decades in the most competitive markets in the world. They will work in your market as well. This session trains you how to:

  • Conduct a Listening Consultation rather than a listing presentation.
  • Use the Eight Key Listening Consultation Questions to convert more listing leads.
  • Use your Premium Marketing Plan to stand out from the competition while also laying the groundwork for charging a full commission.


Session 9: Secure the Listing at the Right Price and the Right Commission

Would you like to know how to overcome almost any objection a seller may raise? Did you know it’s often as easy as merely asking the right question? In this session you will learn how to:

  • Select the most appropriate comparable sales for your listing.
  • Use absorption rates to persuade sellers to realistically price their property.
  • Overcome the most common seller objections including pricing and defending your commission.


Session 10: Negotiating Multiple Offers

Multiple offers can occur at any time in any market. This session guides you through what is required to have a successful negotiation and keep the deal together after it goes under contract. This session covers:

  • Counteroffer guidelines.
  • Why it’s smart to always have a manager or your broker present when you are negotiating multiple offers.
  • How to handle red-hot listings so your sellers will get the maximum exposure that results in the maximum price.
  • Best practices for evaluating and negotiating multiple offers for both buyers and sellers.


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