Recruit the Successful Real Estate Pros of Tomorrow


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- - Learning objectives designed to help you grow your brokerage.

- - Easy to follow scripts and dialogues.

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Recruit the Successful Real Estate Pros of Tomorrow guides you through the process of customizing your personal Unique Recruiting Proposition (URP) to fit your business.


Also included with the online training course...

Success Mentor Video Interview: Insider Secrets for Recruiting Success with nine of the leading female experts on recruiting. Whether it’s new or experienced agents, top producers, or agent teams, when it comes to recruiting, the ten Success Mentors featured in this series are among the best recruiters in the business. During these in-depth audio interviews, you will discover the exact steps and systems our mentors have implemented to achieve their incredible level of recruiting success. ($397 when purchased separately.)


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Complete online training program

Detailed Description

Recruit the Successful Real Estate Pros of Tomorrow is self-paced online recruiting course. During the course you will learn how to:

  • Create a recruiting success mindset, including how to handle rejection.
  • Recognize the two strongest predictors of long-term agent success (be sure to recruit to these!)
  • Develop a hiring profile based upon the strengths and weaknesses of your current team including your customized “ideal recruit list.”
  • Expand the “spokes” of your business based upon the niches your agents serve and to identify growth opportunities that you can fill through recruiting.
  • Uncover the factors that have attracted your current agent team to your brokerage as well as the nine primary reasons that agents change offices.
  • Use a “SWOT” analysis to evaluate your own business as well as that of your competitors.
  • Design your personal Unique Recruiting Proposition (URP).
  • Recruit to the “profitable middle” and why this approach can represent a major increase in your bottom line.
  • Identify factors that make your office attractive to potential recruits.
  • Conduct a successful recruiting interview including a list of 50 questions you can customize to fit your office and the individual agent you are interviewing.
  • Research the social media and other sources to gain a better understanding of anyone you’re attempting to recruit.
  • Avoid asking questions that may break federal, state, or local laws and that could expose you to issues with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
  • Overcome the most common agent interview objections including recruiting against both traditional and 95-100 percent commission split models.
  • Explain the tools and technology resources that your brokerage provides as an agent benefit that helps the agent grow their business.
  • Hire to the “profile” of real estate sales success including ten simple interview questions to determine how well an agent fits that profile.
  • Recruit new agents from careers that will have the greatest probability of being successful in real estate sales.
  • Help new agents understand why they must be adequately capitalized, set realistic expectations about how they will generate business, as well as how they will be compensated.

Complete online training program

BrokerageUP! Membership

BrokerageUp! Members receive the following members-only materials in this unique, brokerage success package.




Inside each issue of UP! digital magazine

  • Weekly Meeting-in-a-Box. Make holding a weekly office meeting a breeze with this complete list of topics, supporting questions, scripts, and dialogues to get your team communicating and role playing. Better yet, take a tip from one of success mentors: stop having weekly office meetings and use our topic list to hold weekly trainings instead that you can also use for recruiting!
  • Spotlight interviews with the industry’s leading women brokers who share their best brokerage practices that can help you grow your brokerage and its profitability.
  • Timely articles on what’s trending now and how to use those trends to increase your market share.
  • Updates on the latest tech innovations as well as specific guidelines on how to help your agents use these tools to obtain more listings and sales.
  • The latest real estate buzz, what’s hot, what’s not, and whether or not the latest shiny object is something you should consider for your brokerage.
  • Mentoring tips from the industry’s top women brokers who share their best success tips to help you jumpstart your business or deal with challenges you may experience along the way. Learn from the experts and avoid many of the costly headaches associated with running your brokerage.
  • Use our “Quick Hints” to communicate twice weekly with your agents. Staying in regular contact is at the core of retention, but figuring out what to send them can be a challenge. We make it simple with weekly motivational topics that you can email or text to your agents to keep them focused on ways to grow their business and to help them maintain a positive attitude.

Also included with your monthly membership:

  • A monthly podcast that includes strategies on how to grow your company, increase agent productivity, and to balance work with having a great personal life. 

Complete online training program